What is Nanomedicine

Nanomedicine is a branch of medicine that specializes in making very small molecules of medications. By doing so, the nanoparticles can be delivered in lower doses yet result in greater clinical efficacy as well as better safety. Nanomedicines have been used for over 2 decades with FDA approval of over 50 nanomedicines. They are used in several varieties of formulations, such as tablets, pills, capsules, gel caps, solutions, suspensions, gels, inhalation, transdermal as well as ocular formulations.

RH Nanopharmaceuticals is well positioned for the Nano Medicinal formulation and approach to Salsalate.

As Salsalate is an extremely well studied and safe anti-inflammatory first being tested in 1907 and still being prescribed, there is little doubt this drug has a role to play both in full size and nanosized particles.

RH Nanopharma has successfully “nanomilled” the particles of salsalate into very small nanocrystals, already tested in humans with no ill effects.

It is highly expected this new class of anti-inflammatory agents received a new FDA designation to be completely different then the toxic class of analgesics known as Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs or NSAIDs. We refer to Salsalate as a “NEFKI”, prononced NEFKEY, short for nuclear factor kappa inhibitor. It should revolutionize the field with greater safety and equal or better efficacy than any existing anti-inflammatory agent on the market including disease remitting agents (such as monoclonal antibodies), non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, corticosteroids and as well chemotherapy agents such as methotrexate.