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Joel S Ross MD FACP Co-Founder


Izhar Hasan MD Ph.D.


Professor K.D. Rainsford


Scientific Advisor


Joseph D'Souza Ph.D

Dr. D'Souza has been working in the pharmaceutical arena for over 30 years with Novartis and UCB. He helped launch two blockbuster epilepsy medications with sales that total to date of 5 billion dollars. He is very familiar in the regulatory processes required to result in FDA and EMA (European Medicinal Agency) approval.


Daniel Klessig Ph.D.Cornell University

Dr. Klessig is a world renown plant medicinal chemist who is credited for discovering the molecular basis of action related to salicylic acid in the plant kingdom which has been also found in humans. He is referred to as the "king of salicylate and salicylate targets" in the plant kingdom.