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Our History

RH Nanopharmaceuticals was incorporated in 2017. The medication that is being reformulated into many delivery systems is called Salsalate. Quite remarkably this drug was first made in 1907 and was called Diplosal (meaning two molecules “Diplo” of salicylic acid “Sal”). It was manufactured by Boehringer Mannheim in Germany.to compete with acetylsalicylic acid known as Aspirin which was made by Bayer in 1897 by a chemist named Felix Hoffman. Even in that time, Aspirin was noted by doctors and patients to have serious gastrointestinal side effects including life threatening and deadly gastric bleeding. Diplosal was used in Europe for arthritis with great success. It then came to America in 1910 where it too was used for arthritis. It was noted by Dr. Levy in his seminal paper published in the Klinica Berliner in 1909 that Diplosal unlike Aspirin had none of the gastrointestinal side effects and was recommended as the drug of choice for arthritis sufferers (in those days arthritis was referred to as “rheumatism”, meaning a “condition of the joints”.)

As aspirin started falling out of favor as a long term analgesic for arthritis, due to the many side effects of bleeding, kidney toxicity, gastrointestinal complications, et al), there was renewed interest in Diplosal. Unfortunately, due to poor marketing and two world wars, Diplosal stopped being manufactured and it fell into obscurity. In the 1970’s Riker Laboratories in Northridge, California decided to reintroduce salsalate and called it Disalcid. In 1974, ibuprofen was launched in America and sales of Disalcid slowed. 3M company bought Riker Laboratories and the rights to Disalcid and for nearly 17 years successfully manufactured and marketed it for arthritis. 3M mistakenly thought they had an exclusive marketing approval by the FDA, when in fact the drug was never FDA approved since it was “grandfathered” as a prescribable, marketable, and legally able to be sold in pharmacies to patients with a prescription by a doctor. As a result, 3M stopped making Disalcid when they mistakenly thought generics were coming to the market. The fact was no generic is on the market today nor then, as the FDA has never granted approval of this drug, thus no NDA (New Drug Applications) was ever approved. This is the intent of RH Nanopharmaceuticals, to seek and obtain such NDA approval and exclusivity.

RH Nanopharmaceuticals in not only seeking NDA approval of the 109 year old salsalate in the 500 mg and 750 mg twice daily formulation for arthritis and other inflammatory conditions, but has produced nanoparticles of salsalate.

RH Nanopharmaceuticals decided to produce a nanoparticle of salsalate in order to achieve a faster onset of action, longer duration of action and better anti-inflammatory effects in patients.

We are very proud of our exciting history and look forward to having many formulations of salsalate produced to help all inflammatory disorders. These reformulations of salsalate might very well revolutionize the field of anti-inflammatory treatments as it is among the safest if not the safest and most effective such treatment.