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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

TBI is a very common condition affecting all ages. The impact of TBI, figuratively as well as literally is measured in loss of quality of life as well as suicidal outcomes. Witness the tragic deaths of so many NFL players from complications of TBI, called traumatic brain encephalopathy..

RH Nano believes a major driving factor leading to neuronal loss in TBI is an inflammatory process that starts off as a “healing” reaction to the trauma, but then deadly consequences from an “overactive” immune system leading to brain cell death.

An animal model of TBI has shown the efficacy of our RHN001/RHN002 with quite convincingly significant improvement in the post-TBI model tested in mice.

RHNanopharma is working with Dept of Defense and Veterans Administration to collaborate on the feasibility of testing IV RHN-002 after a traumatic brain injury in the field. Precious hours are lost waiting for the wounded TBI soldier to receive medical attention so long after the brain injury.