About Us


Joel S Ross MD FACP Co-Founder

Dr Ross has an extensive background in conducting clinical trials. He has worked as the Principal Investigator on over 140 clinical trials. He is very expert in how to design, implement and analyze clinical study reports. He has authored a primer called, "Principal Investigator or Practically Invisible" It is free on line to all researchers around the world and has received high praise from both industry and investigators. Dr Ross was the first fellowship trained geriatric physician in New Jersey.

Izhar Hasan MD Ph.D.

Dr. Hasan, is the CO founder and chief scientific officer of RH Nanopharmaceuticals. Dr Hasan, a primary & urgent care physician is board certified in family medicine with a subspeciality certification in clinical informatics. He has strong academic interests and has a PhD in medical informatics. He is also the founder of a proprietary software for Continuous professional development and medical school education platform called "Journalclub.net '' to be used globally to improve the quality of education of healthcare professionals. He has presented research work in conferences, most recently in Oxford university. Dr Hasan has extensively published in journals such Lancet, Cancer research, and pediatric neurosurgery. His work has been published about Nitric oxide-NSAIDS compounds in early part of his career and Dr Hasan strongly believes in a safe and effective analgesic/ anti inflammatory medication is an unmet need to combat NSAID’s and opioids related economic and clinical burden. Dr Hasan is the Principal Investigator of current Clinical studies of our lead assets under clinical investigations.