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Dry Eye Disease

Dry eye disease or DED is a very common malady affecting tens of millions of people in the US alone. The only FDA approved drug is a very strong medicine derived from a fungus and is used for organ rejection. It is called cyclosporine A.

Used in a very low dose, Restasis (Allergan’s brand name for cyclosporine A), is coming off patent in 2019 with nothing to RH Nanopharma’s review of the literature suggesting a newer and safer DED drug will soon come to market:

That is, unless our Ocusal (nanosuspension of salsalate) is found safe and effective.

RH Nanopharma expects to have an ocular suspension ready for animal testing in the next few months (before end of 2nd qtr 2018) with possible human testing as early as 4th qtr 2018.