Our Pipeline

Anterior uveitis /Neuropathic corneal pain

The bioavailability of ocular drugs is a major challenge in ophthalmic formulations due to eye specific anatomical and physiological barriers. Ocular NSAIDs have risks of corneal toxicity and traditionally poor corneal penetration, resulting in poor bioavailability, largely due to the lipophilicity of the corneal epithelium, which restricts corneal drug penetration of topical ocular medications, especially highly hydrophilic drugs such as NSAIDs. RH Nanopharmaceuticals proposes a solution to this problem by producing RHN-003, a nanoparticle ophthalmic dosage form of our proprietary formulation with more efficient passage through the corneal barrier into the anterior chamber of the eye due to nanoformulation and increased lipophilic nature RHN-003 has a successful regulatory pathway based on an FDA Pre IND meeting and is planned for human testing for phase 1 study in 2022.